SolarShare Solar Bonds

Invest in clean energy and earn a great return.

What’s a Solar Bond?

A Solar Bond is an investment in SolarShare’s portfolio of 51 solar pv systems in Ontario. Solar Bonds only have a $1,000 minimum and are available to any retail investor or business in the province.

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Earn a competitive return. Your investment is secured by SolarShare's assets and stable revenue stream, backed by 20-year contracts with the province.


Join a united group of more than 2,000 investors committed to supporting community driven renewable energy.


Contribute to the generation of clean electricity, resulting in a reduction of more than 500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

How it works

  • Jul 14, 2021
    Review SolarShare’s Offering Statement. It contains important information about the Solar Bonds offered for sale by SolarShare.

    NOTE: Solar Bonds are currently sold out. Join our email list below to be the first to know when they are on sale once again in Summer 2022.

  • Jul 14, 2021
    Become a member.

    All SolarShare investors must become members of the co-operative unless they are an organization or business. There is a one-time $40 membership/business investment processing fee that is paid when purchasing Solar Bonds for the first time.

  • Jul 14, 2021
    When your Solar Bonds mature.

    Investors can choose to have their principal returned or may choose to reinvest in any offerings that may be available at the time.


Did you know that you can give a gift of a Solar Bond in the name of a family member or friend? You can also purchase additional Solar Bonds if you are an existing member or corporate investor.

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You receive  A SOLID ANNUAL RETURN which is competitive in today’s market. Interest rates will be released when the new offering is available in Summer 2022.

Your investment is secured by SolarShare’s assets and stable revenue stream, backed by 20-year contracts with the province.

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You are part of a united group of over over 2,000 MEMBERS committed to supporting community driven renewable energy.

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Our projects annually generate over
17 MILLION KILOWATT-HOURS OF CLEAN ELECTRICITY, resulting in 500 tonnes CO2e GHG reduced annually.