SolarShare’s Response To Bill 34. Legislation To Cancel The Green Energy Act

Sep 20, 2018

The move to cancel the Green Energy Act by the Ontario Government is a step backwards for the province in terms of avoiding climate change, supporting our communities and economic prosperity.

The FIT program had essentially wound down because the final round of contracts were awarded in 2017 and the remaining unbuilt 758 projects were cancelled by the government last month. What the FIT program created was one of the largest clean-tech industries in North America, and hundreds of companies employing thousands of people. This progress cannot be cancelled.

The Green Energy Act led to a better environment – including Toronto’s first smog free summer in decades in 2014, which has now become the norm.

The Green Energy Act also supported hundreds of schools, farmers, municipalities, First Nations communities and not-for-profit co-ops like SolarShare by prioritizing these groups to receive FIT and microFIT contracts. These groups in turn shared the proceeds with their communities.

We are working with partners such as CanSIA and elected officials to ensure a clean energy future for Ontario.


The SolarShare Team