Solar is Not for the Birds

Sep 20, 2022

The panels on our Midair system in Brampton were very attractive to these migrating gulls in the Fall. Likely the panels were still warm from the afternoon and the gulls were absorbing the heat as the evening air turned cooler.

While we love our feathered friends, they leave quite a mess behind after they visit.

Our Keeler site in Colborne experienced a similar soiling issue.

In order to ensure our systems are running at full capacity and in good order, we have live monitors at every site. We visited these two sites and kept a close watch on them to ensure that the birds would move along after a short stay, after which we had the panels professionally brushed and sprayed. Had the birds become regular visitors, we would have installed an ultrasonic bird repeller. Ultrasonic devices emit sound waves that, while silent to humans, are irritating to birds but will not harm them.

Check out our systems on our live monitors.