Solar Bonds Are Sold Out!

Jan 18, 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have temporarily sold out of Solar Bonds! SolarShare has raised $39 million from more than 1,600 community members over the last nine years. These funds have been directly invested in 49 solar projects, making the electricity Ontarians use each day more sustainable.

We plan to re-open sales of Solar Bonds later this year, and are pursuing new solar energy investments that contribute to a clean energy future in Ontario and beyond.

Here is what this means for our current investors and supporters:

I’m currently a bondholder. Does this affect me?
No. You will continue to receive your interest payments as usual and the terms of your existing bond have not changed in any way.

My bond is maturing soon, can I still roll it over into a new bond?
No, we have met our capital requirements for the time being, so we will not be offering to renew bonds until later in 2019. Investors will instead have their principal plus any outstanding interest returned to them upon maturity. We will alert you as soon as the option to renew is available again.

When will bonds be available again?
We plan to offer Solar Bonds once again in Summer 2019.