Celebrate the Sun: 2024 North American Solar Eclipse

Apr 5, 2024

At SolarShare, we usually prefer when the sun is shining – but on April 8, we are looking forward to darkness as Ontario experiences its first total solar eclipse since 1979!

Our solar projects in St. Catharines and Kingston will be in the path of totality, and many of our other projects will be in the path of a partial eclipse. Of course, this means less solar energy for a few hours, but it also gives us the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the magnificence of the sun!

To put our usual solar energy production into perspective, you can keep an eye on how the eclipse affects our output here (luckily it won’t be for long!).

You can also find out if your city or town is in the path of totality, and at what time, here. 

Image of a solar eclipse

Viewing the Eclipse

For just a few hours, we’ll be replacing our sunglasses with eclipse glasses for the safety of our eyes. Eclipse glasses should meet ISO 12312-2 international standard. The American Astronomical Society has a list of safe suppliers here.

Can’t get a hold of eclipse glasses? The Canadian Space Agency has a guide to make a solar eclipse projector with just a few simple household objects, here.

Not in the path of totality? The University of Toronto’s Dunlap Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics is also hosting a livestream of the eclipse. You’ll see the best views of the eclipse and hear from experts on the subject.

Most importantly – do not look directly at the sun, with or without sunglasses. The eclipse may last a few short hours, but our eyes can last a lifetime.

Enjoy your viewing experience!